Our primary goal is the success of our clients.
We rely on our vast experience in both the private and non-profit sectors, in Israel and abroad, to offer our clients a full range of services. We give our clients what they want and need — new ideas and strategies that create new opportunities and deliver the desired results!

Our services include:

  • Strategic Consulting – We offer strategic consulting and marketing services for clients in both the private and non-profit sectors. Our work includes creating strategies for companies looking to succeed, particularly in crowded markets.
  • Advocacy & Leadership Training- We develop and deliver unique media-rich presentations, effective leadership training seminars and creative educational resources that draw upon deep knowledge of Israel and decades of activist experience in North America.We teach proven activist strategies and skills to today’s young adults. Engaging and interactive, our workshops often employ case studies that prepare participants for the toughest scenarios they will face – on campus and off. We helped to establish the wildly successful “Hasbara Fellowships” organization and have worked extensively with JNF’s Caravan for Democracy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Jewish Agency for Israel and Hillel.
  • Content Development-Upstart produces high-quality, engaging and informative content covering an array of topics.   From exciting PowerPoint presentations to customized websites and printed primers, we can help you attain your goals.  Today’s most exciting organizations have turned to Upstart to create engaging, exciting and unique educational content.
  • Project Management – From managing vast networks of volunteers to overseeing multi-party, international projects, we can help you deliver the results for your projects.
  • Advocacy & Leadership Training Seminars – Our engaging and interactive workshops and seminars have helped thousands of young adults across North America, Europe and Israel become more effective leaders.
  • Israel Program Marketing & Recruitment – Our expertise in the successful marketing of existing and new Israel programs is unparalleled. In fact, in an article appearing in The Forward, Taglit-Birthright israel marketing director Gidi Mark described our recruitment strategy as “very innovative” and the execution of it as “better than other competitors.”