Our Products

We have partnered with the team at Anydate.com to bring you some fantastic products:

The State of Israel is Born Historic Newspaper is a special & complete 32-page reprint of the New York Times from May 15, 1948 covering the declaration of the State of Israel and the outbreak of war.

Historian Dr. Michael B. Oren who serves as Ambassador of Israel to the United States, said “This newspaper is an incredible piece of history, and serves an important resource in documenting our history.”

New York Times History of Israel

The History of Israel from the NY Times is a collection of over 60 of the most dramatic Israel-oriented front pages ever published about Israel in the New York Times . Coverage from 1897 until today!

Holy Land Gift



Our Holy Land Gift is a beautifully framed historical map delineating the boundaries of the tribes of ancient Israel. Soil from the Biblical heartland between Jerusalem and Bethlehem is included.